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google algorithm tracker

Google updates are very important for everyone. A slight change in ranking can make a big difference in page views on your website. Check your pages probably for most websites 80% of traffic is coming from 20% of the pages and if those 20% pages lose their rank by one there might be a significant loss in traffic.

Google Tracker from SEMRUSH


Rank Ranger


How the above tools track google updates?

Well, all above trackers have a list of certain keywords (from a variety of niche) and they keep track of rank of these keywords and compare from other days. One thing is very important – google results can be different based on your city/location. So the underlying details of the above tools are not known but they are quite good at telling something changed and is impacting a lot of keywords.

Google makes hundreds of updates every year and changes happen almost every day so if you have a website you will see the ranking of your keywords keep changing (some keywords gain rank while others lose it).


3 Most Important things to keep your site alive

  • Good Content with freshness – keep your pages updated.
  • Do not spam, go for reciprocal links etc. Just concentrate on your website with good content. Focus on your website as opposed to hundreds of SEO¬†gurus talking on the net with their own theories.
  • Your website should have good speed, limited advertisements and has to be mobile friendly (mobile traffic is growing every day).

Follow the above rules and you will see a difference. Be patient if you create a website today it won’t rank in top 10 pages immediately (it will take some time unless you write something and it gets viral)